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The analysis of process gases is very complex. To obtain exact results on the composition of the gases, the measurement results must be very precise. Whether innovative analysis technology, tailor-made plant construction, or in-depth knowledge of your application – we support you when it comes to efficient process analysis in compliance with strict legal requirements.

From monitoring impurities in vents, stacks, air or water to point source or area monitoring, automatic and on-line measurements are important tools. Siemens Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS) provide a low cost monitoring package for refining, hydrocarbon processing and chemical plants.


In numerous applications, process analytics plays a key role in the success of your company. It makes a crucial contribution to significant process and quality optimization and enables environmentally conscious production that conserves resources – in all industries.

You are required to monitor emissions and wish to reduce them as much as possible? Take advantage of our broad portfolio of standardized and certified solutions at all levels, from individual devices to complete CEM systems, including support throughout the entire life cycle.

Products from process analytics technology provide reliable and extremely precise information. They make the efficient operation of systems possible and also provide optimum product quality.

When dealing with process gases, protecting people and the environment is an essential issue. Critical situations can be avoided or averted swiftly through reliable, continuous, and fast measurements with our devices.

Horn Glass Industries AG


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Horn Glass supplied all technical equipment for a float and container glass plant

What we did:

The SIMATIC PCS 7 process control system is used in all functional areas of the new factory and is the basis for plant-wide automation technology.


In the inert gas mixing station, hydrogen and noble gases are continuously being measured out with a special application.

Waste-to-energy plant - Frankfurt am Main

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The waste-to-energy plant in Frankfurt am Main is primarily responsible for the safe disposal of waste from the city and its environs.

What we did:

The plant was retrofitted to comply with the new legal emission limits for gaseous ammonia that have been in force since 2016.


A new approach was implemented with laser analysis, which is controlled with the ammonia slip directly behind the boiler.

Sinopec QingDao

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The fully integrated oil refinery is equipped with state-of-the-art automation technology.

What we did:

Also present: the MAXUM Ed. II process gas chromatograph.


Precise analysis results and high availability.

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