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Efficiency improvements


Data as the basis for greater efficiency

Systematic control and optimization of production processes can be achieved by way of intelligent, data-based performance management, ensuring greater efficiency and productivity. This approach requires that the latest information regarding the status of machines and plants, as well as data on consumption and productivity – both quantitative and qualitative – be recorded and collated as key data.

Optimize your plant with performance management

All companies would like to optimize their plants, but many have reservations as to whether it is possible to implement systems for the acquisition and evaluation of data using existing resources without impacting plant operation. However, there are now numerous ways to minimize the risks and costs associated with the introduction of a performance management system and enable companies to enter the world of the digital enterprise. In this way, new potential can be exploited.


*Monitoring and optimizing the performance of machines and plants*

The question:
When I am away from the plant, how can I determine the status of my plant / production line / machine and know whether it is producing the planned quantities?

*Detecting and resolving faults quickly*

The question:
How can my service technician in another building always be informed promptly if there is a fault in the plant so that production downtime can be minimized?

*Tracking and analyzing trends and key data at any time*

The question:
How can I know how efficiently my production process is running this month compared to last month?

We have the answers.

> Performance management in the SCADA system
> Performance management with SIMATIC apps
> Performance management with Industrial Edge

Vald. BIRN


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Paint Shop

What we did:

Uniform SCADA solution with standards for monitoring and job management in the paint shop


A system that provides the right information to all of the employees in production, service, and in the control room

A system to keep the processes streamlined – maintenance, rapid response times and fault notifications with SIMATIC Notifier (mobile)

Paulaner festival

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Beer logistics - 6 million visitors, 8 million liters of beer: served well chilled and quickly

What we did:

Central monitoring of consumption and remaining quantities via MindSphere


Always up to date with SIMATIC Performance Insight (MindSphere)


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Manufacture of components for machine tools

What we did:

Standardized system solution and simplified customer-specific configuration of series machines with SIMATIC PC277E (Customized) + ET200SP+ WinCC Professional Runtime (recipes) or HMI Basic Panels (Express Design) + S7-1200


Engineering costs reduced by 20%
Efficient & intuitive operation even in difficult lighting conditions

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