Living Business on Forward Talks

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

This week, The Living Business Programme was featured on Forward Talks with Tatiana Antonelli Abella at Goumbook. Listen here to the talk with David Ramos Álvarez, Senior Manager of Sustainability at HSBC, and Keith Bradley, Living Business Programme Manager. And learn how the Living Business Programme aims to help startups and SMEs adopt more sustainable practices in their operations.

About the Living Business Programme:

If you would like your business to be more profitable AND reduce its environmental impact, if you would like your team to be performing at an even higher level, or if you would like your buyers to approach your company because of its reputation for sustainability, then register to join Living Business 2020 now.

There are 50 places available. Participants receive:

– One-on-one guidance

– Enrollment in a specialised one day workshop

– Introductions to industry leaders who can help you achieve your objective

There is no charge – the programme is sponsored by HSBC as part of their sustainability commitments and to support companies in transitioning towards operating in a more sustainable way. The programme is entirely for you, to help you make changes in 2020 that will benefit your business and the planet.